Belize is a relatively small country, but getting from one town to another can be a little complicated. Below is a comprehensive description of the various transportation options within Belize. While researching specific transportation companies, we highly recommend you use services like Trip Advisor to check for user reviews of the company to verify the quality of service they offer. If you would like personal assistance booking transportation within Belize, please contact us.


Belize airline

Image via Channel 5 Belize

By far the fastest and most convenient way to travel throughout Belize is to take airplane flights.  Two main Belize airlines providing daily service are Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. Both airlines provide reasonably price airfare tickets and are best for travelers with a limited time in Belize.

Belize Water Taxi

San Pedro water taxi

Image via San Pedro Water Taxi

For travelers wishing to visit the cayes (islands) of Belize, the only other way to get there besides by air is by water taxi. There is daily water taxi service in high speed motor boats operating between the cayes and mainland Belize, as well as from Chetumal, Mexico to Belize City by way of the cayes. Below are some recommended water taxi services to look into. For samples of Belize water taxi schedules, check out Belize Specialists or

Servicing Belize City, Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, Chetumal

San Pedro Belize Express – 

San Pedro Water Taxi –

Caye Caulker Water Taxi –

Belize Taxi Drivers

Belize taxi car transfer

Image via Channel 5 Belize

For those wishing to have private taxi cab transfers on mainland Belize, there are many taxi drivers to choose from. Within most major towns of Belize, there are lots of taxis that can be flagged down by tourists needing a ride. It is also possible to visit any tourist establishment or hotel in Belize and ask the front desk to call a private taxi driver to arrange for service. Most taxis in Belize operate in medium sized five seater sedans, so be aware of this if you plan to travel with lots of baggage or large groups.

The cost of taking a taxi in Belize is not the cheapest due to the cost of fuel and maintenance of cars in Belize. For example, a one-way private taxi cab from Belize City to San Ignacio (about 2 hours long) costs about $180 USD. Always be sure to discuss price before your taxi driver begins driving, and check with them about forms of payment they will accept.

Belize Rental Cars

Belize car rental

Image via Auto Rentals Belize

Planning to travel to many different locations of Belize? If so, your best bet is to rent a car. Otherwise, hiring a taxi driver can be very costly, and taking the public bus around Belize is very unreliable. Renting a car provides you with the most flexibility if you plan to do lots of exploring, but be warned that many popular tourist destinations require licensed guides to enter, such as the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave. Note that you can only rent golf carts on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker; you cannot arrange to have your Belize mainland rental car to travel with you to the cayes.

There are many major American car rental services in Belize:

Budget Belize:

Hertz Belize:

Avis Belize:

Thrifty Belize:

There are also locally owned car rental services in Belize:

Crystal Belize:

Pancho’s Auto Rental:

Belize Bus

Belize bus

Image via Everyday Dream Holiday

The absolute cheapest way to travel around Belize is by bus. However, the travel time on the bus is significantly longer due to the distance between towns and the frequency of bus stops. In Belize, the public bus is in the form of yellow school buses; there are no restrooms on board nor is there air conditioning. If you are traveling with large baggage, the bus driver’s aide will usually be able to find space on the bus for your bags depending on how full the bus is. Bus rides typically cost up to $20 Belize for longer trips, or just a few dollars for shorter trips. Riders must pay cash upon entry into the bus. The bus schedule shifts frequently, but Belize Bus website has a general timetable for reference.

Belize Public Transportation – Colectivo (Mini Van)

Belize colectivo shuttle van

Image via JM Belize Travel

These are not so common in Belize as they are in neighboring Guatemala, but certain towns will have mini vans that wait by bus terminals and will depart when they are nearly full with passengers. Fares depend on the distance, but they are much cheaper than taxi prices. If you will be traveling to Tikal in Guatemala, you will cross the Belize border by foot and catch a colectivo van the rest of the way.

Belize City to Placencia: Bus, Taxi, Rental Car, Airplane

Belize City to San Ignacio: Bus, Taxi, Rental Car, Airplane

Belize City to San Pedro (Ambergris Caye): Water Taxi, Airplane

Belize City to Caye Caulker: Water Taxi, Airplane