One of your most precious possessions when traveling abroad is your passport, which is why it makes sense to bring the best passport wallet with you to keep this document safe. Thanks to travel technology, there are a ton of passport holder options out there, from the passport neck pouch and waist travel pouch to the RFID passport wallet that can also hold your plane ticket. To help you narrow down your choices, we present the best passport wallets and devices you definitely want to have on your next overseas adventure.

Waterproof Passport Holder

Let’s start with a slightly untraditional passport holder that is starting to gain traction for water-loving travelers. The waterproof passport wallet has existed in many forms, often doubling as a waterproof money belt for holding currency and sometimes even slim keys. If you’re traveling to a beach destination or anywhere you may want to take a swim and not worry about leaving small valuables alone, a waterproof wallet is essential. There are a couple of main options.

waterproof passport holder

Both of these passport holders are solid and can be swam with and submerged into water without fear of leaks.

RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

For those who don’t plan to swim with their valuables but want to keep them close, passport wallets come in all shapes and forms for minimalist travelers. Many of these wallets come infused with more security than before. Passport wallets with RFID technology have become rampant as travelers strive to protect their RFID enabled passports. For those unfamiliar with RFID chips, they have become embedded in U.S. passports since 2006 and the main disadvantage is that thieves can read personal information off of RFID documents at a distance. One of the best ways to protect your RFID passports is to carry them in RFID blocking wallet. A few recommended wallets in particular include:

RFID blocking money belt

  • Steady Trek Hidden Money Belt, which is RFID safe and can hold passports, money, and credit cards. This money belt can be worn around your waist like a fanny pack, or even discretely worn beneath a shirt for a super incognito look.
  • Landing Gear Passport Holder Neck Pouch, which is a robust wallet worn around your neck. Made of water resistant nylon with built in RFID blocking technology, this neck pouch can hold quite a bit of items in addition to a passport. Its flexible capacity means this wallet is on the bulkier side, but convenient if you have many small valuables to keep an eye on.
  • Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Neck Wallet is a slimmed down version of the above mentioned passport wallets. This nylon wallet has a single large pocket for holding just a passport, a few credit cards, and a handful of currency. It’s low profile and very easy to slip under a shirt without being obvious.
  • Lewis and Clark RFID Leather Passport Wallet is a more traditional passport cover that simply slides over your document. It can help make passports appear more discrete and stylish while also blocking against unwanted RFID scans.

RFID Blocking Wallet

Many credit cards today also come with RFID chips, making them susceptible to being scanned for personal information. As a result, travelers should also be diligent about protecting their credit cards by carrying them in RFID wallets. A few recommended wallets include:

RFID blocking wallet

Columbia Men’s Beacon Rock RFID Slimfold Wallet is a stylish wallet made from luxurious genuine leather. This billfold wallet isn’t large enough to hold a passport, but it will keep your RFID credit cards safer.

Buxton Womens RFID Identity Safe Card Wizard Wallet is a compact, palm-sized alternative for females. Made of faux leather, this wallet contains expandable pockets for holding many credit cards, dollar bills, and change. It isn’t large enough for passports, but it has RFID blocking technology to keep your credit cards from getting scanned.

Over To You

So what truly is the best passport wallet out there? It depends on your preferences! Personally, we prefer the Eagle Creek RFID neck wallet as it is both extremely comfortable and durable. Do you have a favorite passport holder or wallet out there that has lasted over time? Let us know in the comments below!