One of your most precious possessions when traveling abroad is your passport, which is why it makes sense to bring the best passport wallet with you to keep this document safe. Thanks to travel technology, there are a ton of passport holder options out there, from the passport neck pouch and waist travel pouch to the RFID passport wallet that can also hold your plane ticket.

Belize is a relatively small country, but getting from one town to another can be a little complicated. Below is a comprehensive description of the various transportation options within Belize. While researching specific transportation companies, we highly recommend you use services like Trip Advisor to check for user reviews of the company to verify the […]

Traveling to Belize is relatively easy no matter where you are visiting from. Below are some general passport requirements as well as advice on traveling to Belize with children and pets.

While researching a trip to Central America, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit about the history of Belize and its current state of being today. But before we get to that information, let’s answer a common question: Where is Belize?